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Hello, my name is Anita Stanisławska. I have been a licenced Krakow tour guide for 11 years. I work as a
guide and run a tourist office which organizes stays and trips in and around Krakow. Being a tour guide, explorer and leader has always been my greatest passion, therefore I can fully find myself in the tourist industry. I can assess my tourists’ needs very well, I know perfectly which guide to assign to a given group so as to make tourists fully satisfied. My trips are tailored to a group or individual needs thanks to my knowledge and expertise in the tourist and hotel industry, so they can even exceed their expectations. I do not work alone, I cooperate with different tour guides in Krakow and other cities. Each trip that I
prepare has been checked out by me personally, that’s why I spend my holiday searching for new routes and exceptional spots all around Poland. I keep on developing my skills in terms of organizing meetings, events, stays, trips, pilgrimages, workshops and the like for guests from Poland and all around the world. I am a patient and understanding person. I value discussion, respect individualism and diversity. I am always in the loop with my guests’ needs as I talk and listen to them carefully!!! I am a guide who doesn’t want to bore people so I often enrich my trips with quizzes, city games. I enjoy organizing events for small groups, i.e. friends, companies, or families. I like receiving feedback from my customers, as then I know that I did my best and they really enjoyed their time in Krakow. Years ago I used to work in the hotel industry, mainly sales and VIP service; I even became a hotel manager once. Unfortunately, it was not my true vocation. I felt trapped in charts of my PC. It went against my nature, which finally took its course and I decided to quit my cushy job. It’s as simple as that – I like being with people, preparing nice stays in Krakow and Poland. However, working in a big company allowed me to develop some useful abilities, such as performing in front of a large audience; I quickly grasp what customers expect from me – I put myself in their position to understand their needs. I am a caring person and this trait of character helps me to predict many undesirable situations. To put it simply: Krakow and tourists make my life!

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