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4 Squares, 3 districts & Wisla River in Krakow

Krakow visiting: 4 squares, 3 districts and Vistula river. Duration: 4-5h.
Walking this route, you will see Krakow with all its most important monuments. Quite like a standard route, but… not exactly :) . We will go through different streets, generally not known to the tourists. You will discover “hidden” Krakow visiting its picturesque, charming corners, filled with quiet, cosy cafes. The walls and buildings which remember old times of richness and gold. You will hear stories from the past: political position of Poland in the world, Poles’ connection with the major houses in Europe, dark times of the occupation, independence and the II World War, communism and “V” – “Victory”, the symbol of Freedom. You will experience the history, and nothing will be left out. That’s our promise. And while meeting with the past, you will visit the most beautiful districts of Krakow: The Old Town, Jewish District Kazimierz and Podgorze – with the remnants of ghetto and Plaszow former Work Camp … And after that, we will have a coffee by Vistula river and see the charming Bridge of the Lovers. Feel invited! :)

Advantages of the tour:
•You will see 3 districts of Krakow: The Old Town, Kazimierz district – its Jewish and Christian part, Podgorze district – the former ghetto and Plaszow former Work Camp.
•You will visit 4 squares of Krakow.
•A Place / Square – the most important part of the city and a center of its life.
•Usually, you don’t have time to see everything. On this tour, you will see the most important parts of Krakow in 100% ;)
•You will visit the most important monuments.
•You will experience Krakow as a city of many cultures.
•I strongly recommend Krakow visiting at late evening, especially during spring, summer and the beginning of autumn.
•And if you need to have a rest during the tour, do not worry – we will stop for a coffee brake at a place of your choice. The place which you like it. :)


The plan of the tour is as follows:
•Main Market Square: The Cloth Hall [Sukiennice] and St. Mary’s church [if you want to see the interior: 5 PLN/children, students, seniors; 10 PLN/adults]
•Jagiellonian University, Collegium Maius
•Wawel Hill: Wawel Castle and the Cathedral [with the interior]
•Szeroka street/Place – Remuh Synagogue with old Jewish cemetery [2 PLN/children, students, seniors; 5 PLN/adults], the Old Synagogue and others…
•Pl. Nowy, also called the Jewish Place
•Jozefa street and the yard from “The Schindler List”
•Pl. Wolnica – the Christian part of Kazimierz
•The Bridge of the Lovers and Vistula river; coffee brake :) … and then, if you want, we can go on…

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